Business Consulting

Our Consulting

PDS is a relatively young company in the consulting space. But we are hungry to solve more and more business problems. We do not take our clients business lightly, That’s precisely why we believe in having our skin in the game.

Once we’ve finished the initial requirements gathering process, we offer our clients a clear picture of the specific revenue impact our consulting solution will provide. On approval we invest dedicated resources at our client’s site to ensure a quick and comprehensive business solution. We follow this up with a robust in-house monitoring system that tracks the impact the consulting methods make on the business.

Staffing Solutions

PDS has years of experience in the field of filling both permanent and consulting IT positions. Our staff augmentation services can address your special and seasonal demands and help you minimize the cost involved in hiring permanent employees.

We can help improve your staffing situation by:

  • Creating customized hiring process strategies

  • Building extended screening processes

  • Implementing new hire orientation and onboarding programs

  • Developing metric reporting measurable for staffing goals

  • Implementing and managing the customized staffing process

Benefits of PDS Staff Augmentation Service Offerings:

  • Create a team with PDS employees that are fresh and ready to tackle your project

  • Maintain control

  • Create flexibility

  • Enhance and expand capabilities

  • Use your current Project Methodology

  • Stay on schedule for current projects

  • Control costs

  • Reduce risk

  • Generate revenue and profit

  • Grow your business

Guaranteed performance

What if there is a hiring mistake?  With the PDS  "No Fail" guarantee, we'll try replacing that person at no cost to you.  In any event you decide the candidate you have chosen does not fit your specific needs, you will not be billed for any hours incurred during the first two weeks (or 80 hours) of service.  Once the consultant has commenced services and remains on your project through the two-week period and beyond, you will be invoiced for all hours worked as per the statement of work.

Advantages of Short or Long Term Contract Placements

  • Fill positions on a flexible, as-needed basis.

  • Strategically staff projects.

  • Minimum risk exposure.

  • Eliminates administrative burden.

Temporary and contract employment serves as a bridge to permanent employment. Allow PDS to be your strategic partner, providing IT professionals with the precise collection of skills and experience to fit your existing IT workforce.

PDS Contract-to-Perm placement option affords you the opportunity to "try before you buy"; evaluating whether the candidate has the correct skills, experience, and personality to fit your business needs.

Advantages of Contract-to-Perm IT Staffing

  • Manpower planning for your department / business growth

  • Work with PDS to develop timetables to recruit professionals to meet your staffing goals

  • Focus your planning efforts

  • Create flexibility

  • Manage workforce quality

  • No conversion fee (after 90 Days)

Finding the right person for the job is key to your success. The PDS Recruitment Team has your success at heart and we apply this attitude to finding, and recruiting the best of the best, for your IT staffing needs.

First and foremost, PDS works closely with you to understand and identify your specific job requirements. Secondly, PDS Recruitment Team will seek out active IT professionals that qualify as the most skilled and best fit for your situation.