Industry Overview

Driven by positive shifts brought by Industries, the business landscape keeps changing significantly.
At ParaData Software, our focus is to provide world class business solutions to a wide range of businesses using cutting edge IT components. Our Domain Specialty Groups (DSG) with focus on various government and industry verticals is an evolution of a strategic initiative to deliver cost effective business solutions to our clients. Knowledge of client's business is cardinal for us in providing pertinent business technology solution with better quality levels and productivity.

The Group enables our execution capabilities in all domain and business intense projects. It provides domain stewardship to the IT project teams in appreciating client's business processes better. Effective requirement management techniques and knowledgebase created by the Group helped us in efficiently analyze, captures and validate clients' business needs to provide high quality rapid solutions at affordable prices. We follow a client-centric



Global Engagement Model that combines the expertise of senior local resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of offsite operations. Our onsite client teams are constituent of highly motivated individuals with global industry exposure. These individuals provide guidance around the changing business landscape & emerging trends to technical team to create innovative solutions. Collective experience and connected thinking help us in managing projects spanning various domains - Government, Banking & Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Life Science, Mobile, Telecom, Retail, Transport, media, Energy, Utilities and others.

Banking and Financial

To succeed in today competitive market, banks and financial companies need a renewed focus on technologies and business operations. They are at risk of being unable to meet future business needs due to the complexity driven by outdated technology and complex business processes.

PDS service Banks, Brokerage Firms and Investment Firms around the world. To best serve the complex financial industry requirements, we have developed a strong team of leading technology experts with exposure to Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Brokerage Systems, Mutual Funds, Asset Management, Trading Systems, Retirement Solutions and others. These individuals ensure the development and engagement of the right services and skills to meet the unique needs of our financial clients. They provide regular briefings on key regulations, new technologies and industry trends to keep our IT team well prepared for specific engagements with clients. They work closely with our clients to ensure the development and engagement of the right services and skills.

In all of our engagements, we aim to establish a long-standing strategic business partnership by delivering world class services. We are well positioned to help banks become high-performance businesses. Our offering leverages both innovative thinking and technology expertise to help clients to transform operating model. By simplifying core operations, our clients' create a more sustainable business model to get competitive differentiation, simplified process and Satisfaction.


State and local government agencies utilize our services to develop information technology solutions to address their IT needs. Our expertise offers a wealth of experience and innovation to the public sector to meet their evolving challenges with prime focus on Human & Healthcare Dept, Court Systems, Case Management and others.

We offer a comprehensive range of application development and services in e-Government. We promote information sharing and protect citizen privacy through our services. Our team has years of experience ensuring that the designed applications meet the state and federal regulatory requirements.


Our team also has experience developing applications for social welfare pension schemes, employment pensions and children support schemes in various technologies. PDS is serving some of major states including Arkansas, Missouri, New Jersey, and South Carolina. We develop outsource & co-source Turnkey Projects and provide IT services.




Healthcare & Life Sciences

PDS provides end-to-end solutions for the Healthcare and Drug Companies. Due to nature of business,

Healthcare and Drug Industry is one of highly regulated industry in US. Today's competitive market requires companies to improve and automate their complex process to cut down operational cost. We understand healthcare complexity and compliance requirement and can help you in transforming your operational cost into profit margins

We have exposure in most of the new informatics based technologies appearing in the drug discovery industry today. We have extensive expertise and experience developing EMR/EHR, Pharmacy Benefit Management, Clinical Trial, Claims and GxP systems.

PDS has highly effective project management methodologies, development processes and knowledge base to deliver a product of the highest quality on time and on budget.

Telecom & Mobile

PDS provides services organizations migrating legacy systems to newer technologies to stay competitive in today's business environment. We understand that to stay ahead in the market you need to spend time and resources to understand the current trend and newer technologies. PDS always invest time and money in research project with prime focus on Telecom and Mobile Technologies.

The business landscape in communication service has been rapidly changing, and the key trend driving significant change has been convergence and mobility. Every communication service provider wants to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and transform their business enterprise.

We are working closely with telecom industry in addressing business challenges they are facing. We service Telecom clients around the world in Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Portals, Integration and Enterprise Applications.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities industry is undergoing a major transformation. The energy market is characterized by whole-scale privatization and fast-paced technological developments. Changing regulations, policies, market competition and aging workforce requires a new infrastructure to handle new systems. Aging systems built on legacy architectures are too rigid to customize or integrate with emerging IT solutions. This severely constrains enterprises from delivering on-demand customer services. Today, the focus is on innovation in operations to achieve efficiency and maximize value.

To sustain in this environment enterprises must ensure the ability to meet customer demands and continually achieve higher service levels. The high cost involved in such initiatives and the lack of technical expertise are constant concerns for most enterprises.

PDS provides solutions to benefit the entire process of utility companies helping them in acquiring greater efficiency and optimizing asset utilization to improving customer care and





comply with state & federal regulations.

We have a talent and technical resources to address specific requirements of enterprises in the utilities segment.

We have implemented mission-critical solutions spanning several energy verticals such as billing, distribution, service, client information, and finance. Our focus is on repositioning legacy environments and providing businesses the ability to respond to market dynamics.


We also have expertise and experience in these verticals.

 Transportation and Logistics:

Transportation & Logistics industry has broadened and strengthened its services in recent years. The industry has improved level of customer service in the areas of packaging, freight, storage, regulatory compliance, security and consumer services. Frequent changes require modern technology to quickly adapt to new changes and stay ahead in the competition. PDS has experience in providing development and testing solutions for Airline and Rail industries.

Manufacturing and Automotive:

PDS is providing IT services to manufacturing with expertise in automobile industry. Our services offerings specifically focused to position manufacturing enterprises to meet the challenges of today's marketplace. We have strong domain knowledge in dealer management and supply chain solutions. Our offering also include: Demand Management, Production Management, Distribution, Pricing and Promotion. We also provide leading edge IT solutions for Telematics and GPS solution.

Information & Media:

The rapid emergence of new technologies, shifting customer loyalties, reduced budgets and the drive to reduce operational costs make the media and entertainment industry highly volatile. The businesses are looking for technology partners who can assist them in weathering the storm. With devices and distribution formats changing, companies are forced to invest heavily in new applications to support digital distribution and back office applications such as rights management. PDS has industry experience and proven methodologies to provide a diverse range of value-added services offerings to help drive value and reduce cost for our Media clients.