Software Solution

We execute project work based on time & fixed bid engagements depending on client preference and suitability of project needs. We are able to balance software development efforts and project duration to meet our client's business needs. PDS dedicated team of qualified experts is committed to deliver a turn-key solution taking on all and every aspect of your IT needs: Requirements Definition, Architecture & Design, Development, Deployment, Maintenance, Training and Future Enhancements.
Product Development
The six key characteristics that determine the effectiveness of an IT organization in support of New Product Development are:

  • Common and Integrated

  • Cost Effective

  • Scalable and Flexible

  • Accessible and Available

  • Standardized

  • Global

With these six critical success factors in mind is the process of New Product Development.
This Solution Area provides a portfolio of support tools and services that accelerates the time to market by streamlining the Product Development process.



We offer new solutions as well as maintenance and user support in the following areas:

  • Business Intelligence Products

  • ETL (Extract- Transform-Load) tools

  • Custom Application Development Tools

  • Customized Project Management Tools

  • Project Cost Control Systems

  • Quality Reporting and Warranty Analysis

  • Product and Process Data Management

Application Development

PDS offers Customized Application Development Services which enable our customers to use technology judiciously and derive immense business-benefit.

Our State of the Art technology centre delivers best of the applications in minimum time but ensure:

  1. Effective use of frameworks, reusable components and global delivery standards.

  2. Our People Development strategy coupled with an innovative implementation model enables us to deliver this high quality level at the most competitive cost of services to our clients.

  3. Return of Investment: Proposed solution is always scalable and extensible therefore maximization in ROI.

  4. We ensure quality standards and follow best practices.

  5. We ensure longevity and security of the application.

Database Management

Our Database Management service supports all aspects of your Database needs from implementation to administration and managing scenarios from overcoming unique obstacles to maintaining everyday administration, allowing our clients to rest assured these rigorous tasks will be managed by our highly qualified professionals possessing vast experience with many organizations found on today’s Fortune 1,000 roster.
Outsourcing your Database needs to PDS also comes with the following benefits:

  • Round-the-clock availability of professional support

  • Efficient database monitoring and analysis

  • Proactive troubleshooting to solve problems before they affect end users

  • Non-based accounting of your server resources and how are they properly utilized


We provide services through various Enterprise Services Business Units that are equipped with necessary resources to handle all requests ranging from Requests for Quotations to Project Execution to delivering on Annual Maintenance Contracts.
Equipped with a simple yet effective delivery method and powerful solution delivery accelerators, we offer a range of services to meet our client’s performance improvement needs.
Our Business solutions cut across following domains like Telecom, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Insurance, Automotive and Transportation etc.


Project Management

In response to changing market conditions and the need to bring products and services to market in compressed time frames, Project Management and Delivery methodologies have been evolving. The IT Organization in an enterprise has an important role to play in implementing strategic business initiatives. There is more focus on accomplishing incremental, but measurable and deployable solutions. Efficient Project Planning, Management and Monitoring processes are essential to project success. We can assist you with our proven methods to plan, manage and monitor your application development and implementation projects.
PDS provides expertise in the following areas of Project Management to ensure that your projects are completed on time, within budget and deliver expected results:

Project Planning

We believe that projects fail in the beginning and not at the end; Our project management specialists help you to set your projects on the right track. We assist you in planning activities related to project scope, resource planning and scheduling, risk assessment, and understanding stakeholder expectations.




We help you to formulate the approach, set the processes and design appropriate metrics.

Project Health Checks

We can conduct periodic assessments during the course of the project to determine progress. Our health check reports, customized for each client project, provide exhaustive risk analysis and recommendations for project realignment and course corrections to ensure success.

Project Operations

Every successful project needs continuous management of its operations. PDS specialists provide the oversight and execute the day-to-day project management tasks which include fine tuning and managing project processes, resources, budgets and stakeholder expectations.

Project Management Office

We can help you to establish a PMO or actually execute PMO activities. The PMO organization establishes ground rules and expectations around how projects should be conducted for the project manager, the project team and stakeholders.

Business Management

BPM is a specialized skill that needs organizational alignment as well as technology  & platform expertise. PDS has  years  of experience in this area and has helped organizations not only setup  their BPM CoE but establish the mandate and measure the effectiveness of the CoE as well.
BPM Program Setup: Even prior to setting up a CoE, PDS can guide you in identifying and executing the steps to setting up a BPM Program.
As part of the BPM program or CoE setup PDS will identify, define and execute a quick win BPM pilot to establish the  efficacy of the proposed methods.
PDS also offers customized Training. Our Training team will utilize process Models relevant to your business and will structure the training material based on your specific needs and maturity with the program or the platform.
PDS can assist in building your core process inventory,  capturing KPIs, setting up best practices and effective collaboration & visibility to your process models and their changes.
PDS can asses the maturity of your current BPM program, identify gaps and opportunities and provide a detailed assessment of the program.




Augment your Process Discovery & Analysis efforts  with our experts and set up best practices.

A business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business. It is intended to assert policy or to control or influence the behavior of the business. The business rules that concern the project are atomic — that is, they cannot be broken down further
The Business Rules Management system is an integral component of the Business Process Management. This allows the seamless integration of business rules within business processes and business objects during orchestration, ensuring faster execution during run time.
Rules are not process and not services. They should not be contained in either of these. But Rules apply across processes and services. There should be one rules engine enforced consistently across all relevant areas of business activity. Use BRM to:
BRM describe the operations, definitions, and constraints that apply to an organization in achieving its goals
BRM automates the highly tactical decisions of an enterprise to accelerate its progress
BRM helps businesses to make high volume operational decisions smarter and faster
BRM provides greater precision by using analytics to identify the best action for every customer and circumstance